Academic System

Pandaras Elementary School uses an academic system that follows the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education for all Philippine public schools. Our academic system seeks to holistically develop its students in several key aspects including:

  • Concepts
  • Values
  • Life skills
  • Songs
  • Plays
  • Stories
  • Experiences

By constantly balancing a child’s exposure to each element, Pandaras Elementary School hopes to produce graduates who are considered to be model Kapampangans who deliver key contributions to the Philippine society.



In line with the Department of Education’s mandate, Pandaras Elementary School uses written and performance-based tests to gauge student learning. Performances are then quantified and averaged to determine overall student progress on a quarterly basis.



Per Department of Education Order No. 36, s. 2016, academic excellence commendations are awarded to pupils who attain the following grade averages:

  • 98-100 – With Highest Honors
  • 95-97 – With High Honors
  • 90-94 – With Honors



Pandaras Elementary School students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities sanctioned by the school. This includes academic, civic and sports activities that seek to develop awareness, cooperation and competitiveness among the learners at their young ages.