Pandaras Elementary School Launches Official Website

GDI SEO Company Helps Local School Launch Its Website
July 4, 2017

Pandaras Elementary School Launches Official Website

Pandaras Elementary School has launched its official website with the assistance of Traveloka Philippines, one of the most reliable hotel and flight booking services in the country today.

The website’s development is a significant step for the school as it seeks to establish a viable online presence in the age of digital education.

“We are very proud and excited to finally have a website to officially represent our school in the Internet,” says Mr. Leonard Lobo, principal of Pandaras Elementary School. “This is a powerful tool for attracting new students, disseminating information, highlighting our activities and attracting benefactors who can help improve our school.”

Pandaras Elementary School was established to provide free, high-quality education to the children of Barangay Pandaras and nearby areas. With the hard work and dedication of its staff over the years, the school has become a thriving hub of basic education that prepares students to become responsible and productive citizens.

The school’s website was launched with the help of Traveloka Philippines. The company actively engages local educational institutions in various projects as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. Pandaras Elementary School is only one of many beneficiaries of the online flight and hotel booking service’s community service efforts.